At Brunelle Chiropractic, our focus isn't on just treating what hurts, it's finding why this has occurred and correcting the dysfunction. Athletic activity, gardening, lifting heavy objects and even our jobs and daily activity can lead to soreness, pain, misalignment and stress on the body. 

With over 26 years of experience, Dr. Vincent Brunelle focuses on diagnosing dysfunction in the entire body, not just at the pain point. This total body approach helps alleviate the source of pain and discomfort fully, not just treat the symptoms. Instead of trying to fix the pain every time it occurs, Dr. Brunelle finds what is causing it, to prevent that pain in the future. 

Pain reduction should be about treating the whole body, in a safe and natural way. Proper chiropractic care can not only relieve current tension in the body, but can help prevent it in the long run. Get back to enjoying your favorite activities and pastimes, without having to worry about painful repercussions. 

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Dr. Brunelle has completed the SFMA training.
Dr. Brunelle has completed level 1 of FMS training and is working towards level 2.
Dr. Brunelle has completed the Thompson Technique for chiropractic care.