Dr. Brunelle works with athletes to help prevent injuries and strain. 
FMS is one of the specialities for athletes at Brunelle Family Chiropractic

As a parent, coach and athlete, Dr. Brunelle knows the strain intense physical activity can put on the body. Improper alignment and form can lead to poor performance and injuries that can last a lifetime.

With athletic injuries continuing to rise, about 1.35 million youths a year end up in the ER from a sports-related injury. The most common injuries to athletes, strains and sprains, are some of the most easily prevented by correcting improper form and misalignment.

Graph provided by Safe Kids Worldwide

Graph provided by Safe Kids Worldwide

Brunelle Chiropractic specializes in working with athletes and coaches of all levels to encourage proper form and alignment from warm up to cool down.  Currently working with the University of Rhode Island as one of the Medical Staff  Chiropractor's attending to the athlete population. 

He works with the athletic trainers in a team approach to injury recovery and injury prevention through development of more robust and resilient athletes. Dr. Brunelle works with both coaches and athletes to assess and direct performance improvement, ensuring everyone is performing at optimal levels while preventing injuries.

Stability and mobility are two integral parts of an athlete at any performance level. When the body is misaligned, or a certain muscle is weak, other parts of the body will overcompensate. This is what leads to stress on joints and bones, and in turn, leads to pain and injury.

From the correct way to stretch to how to alleviate hamstring injuries and shin splints, Dr. Brunelle works with athletes participating in a wide variety of sports and activities. Whether you play for a team, or enjoy running for exercise, Brunelle Chiropractic can help you alleviate pain, prevent injuries and perform at your very best.